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Sea Condition

Daily Conditions

Check it out daily the weather forecast, wind directions, waves, water temperature, visibility and all informations that you need to know to plan your dive trip.
2018 - April 17th (Tuesday)

Weekdays 08:00am - 5:30pm
Weekends 07:30am - 5:30pm

Dive Site Status: Open

Surf. Temperature: 17ºCmax.  12ºC min.

Water Temperature:

Visibility: 10m

Wind Direction: NE(4m) Swell:  None

Last exit: 03:00pm

Last Update: 04.17 - 08:45 am  

Low Tide: 11:37 am (15cm) High Tide: 06:05 pm (151cm)

Warning:  None

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Scuba Diving Experience

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Discovery Scuba Diving



Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving our Instructors are ready to show a new world with a lot of advanture!! 
You can bring even your kids from 10 years old.
You´ll dive with a very well trained professional to offer you an amazing underwater adventure.

​Be guided by the Jogasaki Coast by local instructors and discover the hidden natural bea​uties in the funniest and most exciting way.
Very versatile dive site for all levels of certifications, a very varied and seasonal marine life, rich in soft corals and privileged geography allowing for interesting dives all year round
Shore Dives and Boat dives are availiable.

Here you can start to became a diver by learning about equipment,  safety procedures and develop basic skills to Dive Safe anywhere,  but also you can keep training  to increase your skills becoming  a PADI Professional. PADI’s full range of diver courses introduces you to new underwater activities and can even help you make a career.

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